​Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a globally growing trend in today’s beauty industry. Many women all over the world enjoy this engagement with longer lashes in order to give their eyes that dramatic look without the excessive clumps of mascara. At our nails salon, we specialize in providing those all over West Covina, CA these extravagant lashes.

There are many different kinds of fake lashes that you can partake in, in regards to your preferences. Our synthetic or silk eyelashes are considered to be the heaviest which are great for a more full, thick look. The mink eyelashes are usually thinner and softer than silk, but can be applied to appear just as vibrant and thick. These mink lashes are usually used to give you a more all natural look to your eyes along with some added gloss and shine.

Whether you are looking for eyelash extensions to add some natural volume or you would like more dramatic 3D lashes, you can visit our nail art salon at Top Service Nails today to make your eyes glow. Located in West Covina, CA, contact us today and ask about our extensions and waxing hair removal services!